The sports club “Atletas” was founded in 1962 and for more than 50 years the club brings fame to the Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) with its victories on a basketball court.

The BC “Atletas” won nine gold medals, five silver medals and six bronze medals in the Lithuanian basketball championships. Moreover, the team became the winner of the Lithuanian University Championship for 13 times. Many famous basketball players have played in the BC “Atletas”, including: Valdemaras Chomičius, Gintaras Krapikas, Gintaras Einikis, Rytis Vaišvila, Žydrūnas Ilgauskas, Kęstutis Kemzūra, Darius Sirtautas, Algirdas Brazys, and many others. All the BC “Atletas” teams are composed of the LSU students or its graduates. The club aims to help each student to discover himself in basketball by becoming a better player or coach.

In the season 2012–2013, the club team under a new name Kaunas “LSU-Baltai” entered the Lithuanian Basketball (LKL) and the Baltic Basketball (BBL) leagues. In addition, the LSU student team with the majority of players repesenting the BC “LSU_Baltai”, participates in the Lithuanian Students Basketball League (LSKL) Men’s Group 1 Division, while the LSU-2 reserve team plays in the Men’s Group 2 Division.

The LSU team regularly participates in various international tournaments. For several years, the team makes a tour to China to play against the best teams from the Chinese Basketball League (CBA). In summer 2012, close contacts were established with the teams from the US National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The LSU team played friendly matches against a number of the NCAA university teams, including Arkansas, Georgia, VCU, Tennessee, and Purdue.

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Edas Nickus, BC “Atletas” Director

Mobile: + 370 698 79 309

E-mail: Šis el.pašto adresas yra apsaugotas nuo Spam'o, jums reikia įjungti Javaskriptą, kad matytumėte tai


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